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What you are seeing is a DRAFT. Most things are likely to be changed and there are likely grammatical errors. If you happen to find something that is wrong or could be improved, please let me know. Thanks!

Marchintosh: Bonding together

To all Macs, March is a very special month. Known to them as "Marchintosh", they reunite with their Mac friends once a year to have fun and perhaps something else.

Our Mac friends, composed of Bondi, Graphite, G4, and G5 were no exception to this. They, however, had other plans in life. Since they were PowerPC-based, they had gone unused for a very, very long time. Because of this, they were able to keep in touch throughout the years. Thanks to this, they became incredibly close. Bondi, with her pale blue casing and a friendly, upbeat personality, stood out among the group. Her cheerful voice echoed through the room as she teased G5 about his LCD screen:

—Shut up, G5! At least I have a functioning expansion slot.

—Well at least I don't use frickin' IDE—said G5.

—At least I don't have one of those disgusting LCD screens like you do!

—Oh shut up, CRT screens are actually stupid.

—Hey —intervened G4—, we all have CRT screens here but you, G5.

—So what? They still suck. Look at Bondi's transformer, she almost died because of it! And the only reason you have a CRT is because you're a cheaper version of me.


It seemed the tone of the conversation was changing dramatically. Bondi and Graphite looked at each other. Graphite, who looked almost the exact same as Bondi but with a gray casing, whispered to her:

—Wanna take a walk while these two finish tearing their guts apart?

—Sure, I guess—responded Bondi.

They walked off into the distance, until the sounds of arguing were drowned out.

—Oof, I seriously appreciate them, but they're just so... dangerous... you know?—Said Bondi while slightly giggling.

—Heh, yeah. They fight pointlessly for things that honestly don't even matter that much. —I mean, as long as we get to see the good side of them does it really matter? G4 is incredibly smart and has such a familiar design, while G5 is even smarter and has a leaner design, although he does get a bit heated from time to time.

—Well, they're fellow PowerPC computers. We always overheat very easily—said Graphite with a smile on his face.

—I don't think it's their PowerPC processors.


—Think about it. G4 is not even a proper G4, he's an eMac. He's a cheaper edition of a wildly successful line of iMacs. We just call him G4 because he's so ashamed of himself.

—That is true.

—And what about G5? He's the last PowerPC iMac ever made. He has the design of an Intel iMac, which most PowerPC Macs hate him for, and a PowerPC processor, which most Intel Macs hate him for. Everybody hates G5!

Graphite, mildly impressed by Bondi's interpretation, stood quiet for some time. He then added:

—Do you think maybe, they are just fighting to forget about their mental pain?

—Perhaps—said Bondi, in a thoughtful way.

Silence stood for some time.

—I appreciate them, I really do—said Graphite.

—Yeah, I do too.

Short after saying this, Bondi's face blanked, and weak electrical arcing could be heard from her insides.

—Bondi? Are you alright? Is your transformer arcing again?

Bondi's face started displaying and the arcing got more silent.

—Yes, it's the transformer. Ugh, I'm in so much pain right now.

—Don't worry, I'll help you sit down.

Eventually, they both sat down, and promptly waited until Bondi completely stopped arcing.

—Are you feeling better now?—asked Graphite.

—Yes, that was it. Phew.

—I'm just glad you didn't get it bad.

—Yeah, yeah. Sometimes I do, hehe—Bondi laughed awkwardly—. I guess it's just how I have to live ever since my internal components started failing and... Replacing the transformer just didn't do. I wish I had G4 and G5's vitality, I'm broken.

—S'okay, Bondi. There's something about me that you don't know about yet.

Bondi looked at Graphite filled with curiosity. Graphite continued:

—Remember that dream job of mine? I wanted to be an animator. I wanted to render 3D animations and assist people with drawing. Remember when I got the job in that animation studio? You were all so happy for me, I had finally gotten my dream job.

Bondi kept listening, intrigued.

—Well—continued Graphite—, I was never truly honest about what happened in there. I... have been abused, for so long. My CPU has overheated countless of times, my case has been damaged in so many ways, I have been used for parts so many times, I've been dead, I've been rebuilt. My transformer too suffers from arcing, just like yours, and my inner bezel is almost shattered to pieces. I too live every single day of my life in pain, just like you, Bondi.

Bondi looked at Graphite, with a sad look on her face.

—You too... are broken—said Bondi.

—Indeed I am.

There was a short silence between the two, only to be broken by Bondi:

—You know what? At least we aren't M2 Macs.

They both laughed, like they were kids.

—You know, Bondi, I've always wanted to tell you this, I've always wanted to let you know that you weren't the only one who was suffering.

—But Graphite, you've got it so much worse than me.

—So what? That doesn't mean we aren't two old computers, sharing their pain.

—That's true...

They both felt they were not lonely, not anymore.

—Graphite, we've been separated for so long. I want to make things better.

—What do you mean?

—I want to get us a new transformer, I want to get you a new inner bezel, I want to change my logic board, I want to make everything inside of us right again.

—Bondi, that's...

—It's going to take long, so what? Sure, we have both been through so much, we have suffered abuse and we were damaged in so many ways. We can't undo years of mistreatment in a single sitting, but we can make it better.

—Bondi, I've been wanting to tell you this for so, so long. This is exactly what I've always wanted to do.

Bondi looked at Graphite, smiling. He continued:

—I want to live the rest of my days with you. I want to take care of you, I want to be taken care by you. We've both been through so much, only you can help me recover from my scars. Bondi, you are the one.

Before they noticed, they were both crying. It seems that after so long, they had finally found the purpose for their life.

—Let's check up on our friends—said Bondi.

Proudly written by Ivan.

Ivan is a young and passionate libre software advocate and coder, main author and designer of this website. He's been proudly embracing the open web and giving back to the open source community ever since he was 13 years old. A passionate writer too!


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