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Welcome to libreivan.com Ver. -1.0.1: A Fresh Start

You might be wondering about the peculiar version number, for it's the first time I've ever made it negative.

Well, it's complicated. Even though my website has always been something I've held with pride, a sense of shame emerging from it has been creeping upon me as time passed. Code-wise it was sound, don't get me wrong. The problem was the website itself, and its contents. Things like the (in retrospect childish) Mac branding and color theme didn't anymore resonate with me as it used to in the past.

That, plus the constant flux of releases, made me realize I didn't exactly dig the current state of this website and how I managed it. I want the negative version numbers to represent a change, I don't want it to be yet another version. Please, consider this as the main indicator that libreivan.com and its source code have reached a new stage in its lifetime, a milestone.

What's new?

Let's delve into some of the changes I've implemented:

Code overhaul

Almost every single component has been rewritten and/or improved for better maitainability and/or quality.

Aesthetic refinement

A bit right on the nose, no? Now the website has a completely different theming, and is overall fluffier.

Accessibility enhancements

I'd rather not delve into the intricacies of how I improved accessibility, because oh my god, it was painful. Worth it nonetheless. :)

Enhanced documentation

No problem, fellow hackers.

I am pretty happy with the result of the new version of this website. With that said, though, I'm going to open myself up with you dear readers.

The block

I find myself facing a writer's block.

During the final chapters of "Marchintosh," my passion for writing crumbled. It's disheartening, considering my deep love for art. NaNoWriMo exacerbated this block, as my focus shifted solely to completing it before the deadline, neglecting my own well-being.

Because of that, and becuase of the effort that is taking me to write this post, I want to let you, my readers, know the truth. I am not going to lie to myself or you, for I am not going to become an active blogger just yet. I'm going to try a few different things, but I'm still blocked. I hope you can understand.

Don't believe me? Take a glance at the logo of this website. What? No, it's not a cube. Okay yes technically it's a cube but it's supposed to represent a block. That's right, I was so blocked that I couldn't even think of a new mascot. Because of that, a block will be taking its place.

What I'm up to

In addition to the website revamp, I've decided that I'm going to jump into the video creation pool. I'm launching a YouTube/PeerTube channel where I'll share insights and musings on topics that captivate my interest—no specific niche, just a platform for me to speak about Ivan things. From technology trends to philosophical ponderings, I expect to upload a diverse range of content that mirrors my eclectic tastes and curiosities.

Furthermore, I've started a new writing project (regardless of my block). Titled "Love for The EYE," this project uses a very experimental form of storytelling, very quite different from the traditional ways. It's a sort of dramatic satire, portrayed through a surreal narrative set in the negative dimension, where time unfolds in unconventional measures that aid the hero.

I will try to use the blog in this website as much as I can to keep you updated.

Stay hydrated, buh-bye!

Proudly written by... Me!

As stated in the about page, I'm an enthusiast of free software and vintage tech. I seriously hope you enjoyed this work of mine. :)

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