Ivan's place: VinPipe 0.1 has been released! (Changelog)

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Hey, hey, dear Ivanians! You might already know of my project VinPipe. If you don't know what it is, it's a program that allows you to browse the modern web from anywhere. It is designed to make vintage tech and video game consoles usable again to browse the internet.

This is what the new release of VinPipe features, in a very very very short changelog:

New logo

Yep, I finally changed it! The old logo was very ugly, so I redesigned it in Inkscape. Fancy, and vector-based. :)

VinPipe's logo So swag.


You couldn't really consider it a TUI, but VinPipe now enjoys from a newer, more user-friendly, and fancier terminal interface.

A screenshot of the current version of VinPipe

Cool right?

Config file

VinPipe can now be customized from TOML configuration files, and it's sick! Here's an example of how a configuration file looks like:

address = ""
port = 7474

warning = true

Yeah, it's very limited for now, but what matters is that the base is set. Now, as I add features, they will be fully configurable from the config file. Another interesting fact is that it is quite flexible, if I do say so myself. As always, VinPipe can run as a standalone executable and will use its in-binary settings, but if it finds a config file in the same directory it's sitting in, it will try to read from it.

It can even see if there's a config file in your Operating System's standard config directory! So, for example, in most Unix systems you can put it in ~/.config/vinpipe/config.toml

Bugs, bugs, bugs!

There were so many bugs, and I fixed most of them! Almost none of them made it out alive, mwahahahahah.

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