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Welcome to my brand new updated super-updated website!

I've been working pretty hard on this update, and my efforts have finally come to fruition! In this brief post, I will list all the things that have been changed. As always, all changes are on the main repository, under a permissive license and available for public use.

Visual changes

Most visual changes made in this update are for accessibility. Sorry abled folks, no new things for you! :)

New features


eFamily updates

I have rebranded the Family to eFamily! I have also started the eMac's reparation, so, temporarily, it's going to be the logo of this website. :)

VinPipe updates

I've been incredibly busy, but that didn't stop me from planning things out! I am soon going to refactor VinPipe's config system, making it more portable and accessible. I haven't really made any change to its codebase yet, apart from a TODO comment.

What's to come

Apart from bug fixes and improvements, I'm going to focus on making this website work on old browsers. Additionally, I'm going to write documentation to make websites based on it. Stay hydrated!

Proudly written by Ivan.

Ivan is a young and passionate libre software advocate and coder, main author and designer of this website. He's been proudly embracing the open web and giving back to the open source community ever since he was 13 years old.


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