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Welcome to my brand new updated website!

I've been working pretty hard on this update, and it's finally here! In this brief post, I will list all the things that have been changed. As always, all changes are on the main repository, available for public use.

Visual changes

New features


Family updates

I have updated the status on some of the Family members. Specifically, the G5 and Indigo iMacs.

Improved feed implementation

The RSS/Atom and JSON feeds now have proper implementations! Now you can read my posts directly from your feed reader.

What I'm working on

I am proud to announce that I am working on a new project, VinPipe! Have you ever wanted to use Safari on your PowerPC iMac? Ever wished you could safely browse the internet with Internet Explorer, for some reason? Well, you're in luck!

VinPipe acts as a MITM that proxies HTTP connections into secure HTTPS connections. That means, your (vintage) browser of choice will think it will be using HTTP to connect to the internet, while VinPipe is secretly negotiating and encrypting its requests with modern SSL. Evil, isn't it?

Below is a diagram of how VinPipe works.

A diagram of how VinPipe works

Contributions are welcome. I would also like to clarify that VinPipe is still at the prototype stage. If you want to help, I'd be really grateful if you compiled it and gave it a try.

Oh, and regarding this website, I'm in the process of writing a spooky post, so stay tuned!

What's to come

Mostly bug fixes and improvements (lots of 'em). This is it for now, though. Stay hydrated!

UPDATE: I have been made aware of the bug where images weren't responsive and have fixed it, thank you everyone for letting me know and proposing solutions.

UPDATE 2: After receiving some feedback about motion, I have made the website automatically adapt to the user's motion preferences. If your OS is set to disable animations, then the site will look completely static to you. :)

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