Ivan's place: Welcome_

🧹 Cleansing is going on

I've decided that I'm not really happy with the current state of this website, so I cleaned it up a bit and temporarily retired some of the content.

I'm planning to completely rework the base in order to improve accessibility and aesthetic, and I am also going to do some more quality control in the blog.

See you later!

✨ Welcome to my website

Hello, there! The name's Ivan, proudly embracing my inner nerd. Feel free to explore this site using the navigation bar above — it's all at your fingertips, serve yourself!

Feel lost? Check out the About page.

📝 Overview

The best way to describe myself would be as an overly enthusiastic 16-year-old immersed in the realm of Linux, proudly navigating libre communities and the open net for over three years.

I highly appreciate open source projects and the people behind them. I also contribute a bunch to open source projects, even if it's not much.

I'm also a passionate connoisseur of retro tech, I find happiness in the bygone era of technology. My purpose? To goof off and to share passions with fellow geeks.

Opinions expressed in this website are mine and frequently wrong.

PS: This website is quite new, and open source! If you have anything you could improve, feel free to open an issue.